Sneakers have always been a staple item in my wardrobe even when I was young. I remember always wanting a pair of converse around the age of eight. When I finally got my first pair of high tops I would always draw them so I could remember how good they looked on. As I entered my teen years I grew even more interested in the fashion world and especially in sneakers. I’m no hypebeast, but there are a few moderately priced brands that I do enjoy.

Overtime I have developed a list of a few of my favorite brands for sneakers and I will now share them with you. Here it is:

  1. ReeboksTo me, Reeboks are an easy go to. They are not as popular in the sneaker head world, but when I was in high school they were my go too shoe for any outfit. I honestly always felt like I was walking on pillows every time I had them on. I honestly think they have a really sleek look to them and look good when put together with big pants and and a big oversized shirt. I’ve seen a lot of band members in more alternative bands pull of reeboks and honestly I can see why. They are one of my favorite shoes and definitely deserve the number one spot as I’ve been wearing them for a long time.
  2. ConverseOf course Converse would have to be second because they are the sneaker brand that I have been familiar with the longest. I have loved Converse since I was little and have always thought they have such a sleek look to them. I invested in a pair of Tyler the Creator and Converse golf le flour high top converse, and I honestly love them so much. I was luckily able to find the pair that I wanted in a thrift store in San Francisco. Converse are honestly so easy to pair with anything, especially high tops. I would say the only downside is if you have wider feet they may be a little bit uncomfortable for you.
  3. NikeNike seems to be a fan favorite for many people right now. Pretty much everyone at my college owns a pair of white Air Force ones and I am guilty of buying a pair myself. They also have a pillow like to feel to them. They are a bulkier shoe, and I see many girls pairing them with skinny jeans. I see a lot of guys pairing them with either jeans or skater type pants. I honestly think they are very in and whats nice is that you can customize them to fit your liking, which makes it easy.
  4. VansVans are the skater shoes. They are very easily customizable and don’t have one set style that you have to follow. This is a little different than converse because while all converse are mostly meant for people with skinnier feet, vans have many different fits so they work for people that have wider feet too. I wore more vans when I was younger but I still see that they are easily a go too for many people. A favorite pair for many people is just an easy pair of slip on vans. A downside is they get worn out pretty quickly.
  5. AdidasI am not a big wearer of Adidas but they made the list because they are my boyfriends favorite pair of shoes. Not only that, but they have an extremely long wear time if you take care of them. He has had the same pair for way over a year, and they are comfortable still and are also still in extremely good condition. I feel like they were really popular in 2016 and now have kind of just chilled out in the fashion world, but I still think there are a lot of people that really know how to pull them off.

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