Outfit Review: Themed Social

Recently my sorority had a 2000s themed social. I decided to dig through my wardrobe to find something that would match the energy of the 2000s while still staying true to my normal look.

Here is what I came up with:

For this outfit, I decided to try and rock the low rise jeans for a change. I feel like this was a very staple item in 2000s fashion, and wanted to see if I could try and pull it off. This is of course a very difficult task, as high rise boyfriend jeans are usually more of my go to. I paired these jeans with a white loop belt, a gift to me curtesy of my mother, and matched that white belt energy with my new white platform docs. These docs are the white Jadon boots, currently priced around $180 on amazon, and are a new staple in my wardrobe.

I decided to also add a brandy Melville cheetah turtleneck, the pattern of cheetah used is one that is commonly found on many Brandy pieces, I feel the turtleneck is one of the cuter styles for that pattern. I ended the look with my light blue Adidas bucket hat, found at Urban Outfitters around a little less than a year ago.

Doc Martens: Do you like them?

Many people have had different views on whether or not Doc Martens are shoes that are worth investing in. Those who are in the older generation argue that they look a little bit too much like workwear boots. My friends mom refers to them as her Frankenstein boots, while I have heard others comment on how they look like they are meant for gardening.

However, Doc Martens, or “Docs” for short, seem to be popping in the fashion world at the moment. I have found them to be quite trendy myself and am currently on my way to purchasing my 5th pair. I find that they go with a lot of things and work well with many of the things that I like to wear.

Are they worth the price? That is for you to decide. Some argue that they are far too overpriced, while others think that they are worth it considering the quality and how long they tend to last. I will let you, the reader be the judge of this. I enjoy my docs and wear them quite often. I feel that they were worth my money. My other few pairs that I have found with time have all been thrifted, but I did buy nice black leather ones. As I have mentioned before, soft leather is much nicer on your feet and does not leave behind blisters.

So….. do you think docs are worth it?

Outfit Review: Day Fit for Class

In addition to reviewing things that I find trendy, I will be talking about some of my own outfits and where I got them. This post will be the first in the series. Today I will be reviewing something that I wore to class.

For this outfit, I stayed relatively simple while adding in a highlight piece. For starters I wore my classic thrifted dark blue boyfriend jeans. I found these while thrifting in Sacramento with friends. They were only five dollars. They are pretty lose fit, which is an essential to my wardrobe. I paired these with my normal black hoop belt. This belt is another staple in my wardrobe, I bought it a little over a year ago at the State Fair by my house. These belts are pretty accessible now because they are trendy in the teenage fashion world. I have even seen them being sold at Walmart now for a relatively cheap price.

My mom gave me this cute leopard cheetah tank, so I am not exactly sure where it is from, but I know that leopard pieces are extremely in right now and can easily be found at places like Forever 21 or, if you’re looking for higher quality, Urban Outfitters. Another good place for cheetah print items would be somewhere like Brandy Melville.

Doc Martens are easily a staple item for me in many of my outfits. For this outfit I chose my normal fit black leather ones. I really recommend spending the extra few bucks to get the soft leather docs, I have never gotten blisters from wearing them and they are still in really good condition.

Finally, nothing is complete without a little bit of jewelry. I really like to buy charms at small stores and then put them on chains myself.

The Highlights of Sneakers

Sneakers have always been a staple item in my wardrobe even when I was young. I remember always wanting a pair of converse around the age of eight. When I finally got my first pair of high tops I would always draw them so I could remember how good they looked on. As I entered my teen years I grew even more interested in the fashion world and especially in sneakers. I’m no hypebeast, but there are a few moderately priced brands that I do enjoy.

Overtime I have developed a list of a few of my favorite brands for sneakers and I will now share them with you. Here it is:

  1. ReeboksTo me, Reeboks are an easy go to. They are not as popular in the sneaker head world, but when I was in high school they were my go too shoe for any outfit. I honestly always felt like I was walking on pillows every time I had them on. I honestly think they have a really sleek look to them and look good when put together with big pants and and a big oversized shirt. I’ve seen a lot of band members in more alternative bands pull of reeboks and honestly I can see why. They are one of my favorite shoes and definitely deserve the number one spot as I’ve been wearing them for a long time.
  2. ConverseOf course Converse would have to be second because they are the sneaker brand that I have been familiar with the longest. I have loved Converse since I was little and have always thought they have such a sleek look to them. I invested in a pair of Tyler the Creator and Converse golf le flour high top converse, and I honestly love them so much. I was luckily able to find the pair that I wanted in a thrift store in San Francisco. Converse are honestly so easy to pair with anything, especially high tops. I would say the only downside is if you have wider feet they may be a little bit uncomfortable for you.
  3. NikeNike seems to be a fan favorite for many people right now. Pretty much everyone at my college owns a pair of white Air Force ones and I am guilty of buying a pair myself. They also have a pillow like to feel to them. They are a bulkier shoe, and I see many girls pairing them with skinny jeans. I see a lot of guys pairing them with either jeans or skater type pants. I honestly think they are very in and whats nice is that you can customize them to fit your liking, which makes it easy.
  4. VansVans are the skater shoes. They are very easily customizable and don’t have one set style that you have to follow. This is a little different than converse because while all converse are mostly meant for people with skinnier feet, vans have many different fits so they work for people that have wider feet too. I wore more vans when I was younger but I still see that they are easily a go too for many people. A favorite pair for many people is just an easy pair of slip on vans. A downside is they get worn out pretty quickly.
  5. AdidasI am not a big wearer of Adidas but they made the list because they are my boyfriends favorite pair of shoes. Not only that, but they have an extremely long wear time if you take care of them. He has had the same pair for way over a year, and they are comfortable still and are also still in extremely good condition. I feel like they were really popular in 2016 and now have kind of just chilled out in the fashion world, but I still think there are a lot of people that really know how to pull them off.

The Magic of Thrift Shopping

Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to look for the cheaper option, while still remaining in style. An easy option to do this was to go thrift shopping. This easily became one of my favorite pass times throughout my teen years. If you are looking for a good place to go thrift shopping, the number one place I would recommend is shopping at goodwill. Through thrifting there I have found numerous mom jeans, baggy t shirts, and other finds that I never thought I would be able to get at a thrift store.

My second favorite place to thrift would most likely be Buffalo Exchange. I have often sold some of my clothes to Buffalo Exchange in order to get store credit and purchase some new items. My favorite Buffalo Exchange would have to be the one that is located on Haight Street in San Francisco. A mixture of thrifting as well as the funky Haight street energy makes me happy to be there and it becomes a de-stressing experience.

Here are some key things that you need to look out for when you go thrift shopping:

  1. Make sure you go through every shirt on the rack: A common misconception about thrifting is that you will walk in and everything you see will be cute and stylish. There will definitely be a lot of things that you may not think are your thing. You have to dig deep and look through everything that they have laid out. There are a lot of hidden gems, but you have to look for them.
  2. Be ready to still spend some money: While a thrift store is definitely cheaper than Urban Outfitters or Brandy, if you find a lot of cute items, it still may cost you a little bit of money. It really depends on the thrift store. Some thrift stores carry more high end products, so while they are discounted they are still considered expensive.


Developing a Passion for Fashion

Ever since I was young I have always been amazed by my mom’s ability to dress up. When I was younger I would watch her put on clothes when she was ready to go out, while looking through her jewelry box and trying on her rings.

As I entered my teen years, my interests in expressing myself through clothing grew. From kindergarten until eighth grade, I attended private school, so once I entered public high school I realized that I was finally able to express myself in a way that I never had before, through clothing. I felt that I could show people who I was through the way I dressed, and maybe they would want to get to know me better because of it too.

Something that helped me flow my ideas of how I wanted to dress and really inspire me was the use of Pinterest. In case you are unfamiliar, Pinterest allows you to put together photos that you enjoy from the internet into an album. By creating a Pinterest album of my own, I put together photos of clothing that I liked or outfits that I wanted to make.

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Sophia Gambale and I am a sophomore at San Jose State University. I am an advertising major and I have always had a strong interest in fashion and the world of streetwear. I want to share how I view fashion to the rest of the world. I like unique pieces and I want to photograph the clothing that I wear and advertise it to everyone. I feel like I have a lot of fashion ideas and angles that I want the world to know about. I feel like as I continue to update my blog, I will learn more about who I am and how my clothing defines me.

Not only this but, I want to connect with anyone who is interested in growing their personal fashion statement. I think an outfit can be the best way to express yourself. I want to help people find their own sense of style through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂