Youtube Inspiration

For youtube, there are two main people I use for fashion inspiration and I highly suggest you check them out 🙂

  1. Emma Chamberlain

Although some people may find this young YouTube annoying, she fits into my clothing style and her personality adds onto her clothing. I think she has a really unique style and while she has switched to buying more expensive items, she does still thrift a lot of things and make them look cute. This is why she is one of my personal inspirations.

2. Enya Umanzoor

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Enya is one of my biggest inspirations because she has such a unique style and she doesn’t wear overly expensive clothes. I love her look overall and she is the one who inspired me to try out the baby chain. She dyes her hair lots of colors and is popular on youtube as well. I really respect her style and she is one of my favorites.

Chains: In or Out

Wearing a lot of chains was something I didn’t think I would ever have found cute if you asked me a few years ago. It is completely out of my comfort zone and seems very goth to me. It reminds me of shopping at Hot Topic. However, recently wearing chains has become very in and I find myself really enjoying that style and wanting to wear it myself.

Many people layer multiple heavy silver or gold chains on top of each other as a look. I personally see how layering can be something cute that people are into these days. I try to wear chains every once in a while in order to add onto my look or style for the day. Both of my favorite you tubers are also avid chain wearers and so this has also influenced my style greatly in regards to the way I dress and the way I layer chains.

Outfit Review: Thanksgiving Outfit


This thanksgiving I decided to try and stay trendy while celebrating with the family. I wore a simple black fuzzy turtleneck that I got at forever 21 a few years ago. I feel like turtlenecks are always an easy way to go when it comes to winter outfits, especially an event like thanksgiving.

I wore this with some random pants I bought at a thrift store. I feel like the best part about buying random pants at a thrift store is that if you saw them in the store they were originally from you probably wouldn’t want them, but because they are from a thrift store they feel cool. That is exactly how I feel about these pants. I wore them with my classic black belt, and my white platform docs which are not pictured.

Store Review: Buffalo Exchange

Store: Buffalo Exchange

Rating: 4/5

Buffalo Exchange is easily one of my favorite thrift stores, and I love visiting the one on Haight Street especially. I think my favorite part about buffalo exchange is that my mom used to shop there when she was my age as well. It can be an easy place to find good thrift deals for a cheap and affordable price. Two of my best friends from school have been able to thrift Air Forces there.

One of the downsides to most thrift stores is that you are unable to sell a lot of your items to them because they are very specific. Buffalo Exchange is no exception. Many of the stores only accept certain items and they have to be vintage, while others will offer you very unrealistic prices for the items you are selling to them.


Outfit Review: Hanging with Friends


Me and my friends went to o watch the sunset from a lookout one evening a few months ago. I wanted to dress cute so I put together this outfit. It is pretty easy to make and not that cheap.

I wore brown dickies pants which can be bought for pretty cheap at the dickies store. I would avoid buying them at urban because they can up the prices of the ones there. I then paired this with my signature black belt that I bought at my hometown fair a few years ago. This is pretty easy to find because many of stores, even Walmart sell belts like this now.

Finally, I wore an old blue t shirt that is a hand me down from my friend. Sometimes simple t-shirts work the best.

Store Review: Brandy Melville

Store: Brandy Melville

Rating: 4/5

In my opinion Brandy has always been a hit or miss to me. A lot of their items look pretty much identical and they have a lot of stuff that is cheaply made. I think my personal biggest problem with them is that they have mostly items that are one size fits all. I think this goes against the body positivity message that is more prominent in our society today. I feel like a lot of people give brandy hate for this reason and personally I understand why. It can be frustrating to not fit into their clothing options.

However, a lot of girls use Brandy to stay up with trends and figure out how to tie in their outfits with a simple crop top. As much as I am not a brandy fan, at the same time it has come in handy some times when I am planning an outfit. I guess it all depends on what your fashion taste is.

Store Review: Forever 21

Store Review:

Store: Forever 21

Rating: 2/5

Forever 21 was my favorite store in 2016. They had every fashion trend that I needed as a high school student, for a much more affordable price than urban. However, as I have continued shopping with them, their items have appeared to go down in value and in quality.

For example, they recently put out a Cheetos collection that was not very cute. One might say it is…. well actually hideous. As time as gone on the store has put out more fast fashion items to stay in with the trends rather than keeping to its own unique brand. In addition, the store often rips off artists who have small businesses, by taking its designs and making it their own. This has upset a lot of people because they feel like forever 21 is taking their hard work without giving them credit, and there’s nothing they can do because forever 21 is such a big company.