Outfit Review: Casual Beach Outfit

Over break, me and my friend went to the beach to catch the sunset. In my hometown, you can go to the beach year round but if you aren’t planning on going in the water, most people still try to wear trendy clothes so that they can have a cute photo op if necessary.

For this outfit, I wore my Air Force ones which I normally wear if I am going somewhere more casual, and if I know they may get dirty. With this I wore my Levi jeans that I thrifted, I believe I posted about them a while ago. And finally I wore a leopard shirt that my mom gave me.

This is just another example of how you can use hand me downs and thrifted items to your benefit when it comes to fashion.

Outfit Review: Going to a Concert

In the summer, going to a concert with friends is an easy way to spend ones days. I had the opportunity over summer to go to a local band concert hosted by one of my friends who is in a band. Me and my two best friends decided to attend, but snapped some pics before hand.

For this outfit, I wore my basic black doc Martens. Having the simple docs is always an easy option when choosing shoes for an outfit. They are not too loud, and they go with everything.

With these, I paired a dress that I had found thrifting at Buffalo Exchange the other day. The other good thing about black docs is that you can always pair them with some highlight pieces and it looks good. I liked this dress because of its unique pattern and vintage feel. I noticed a few weeks later that a similar dress was sold at urban outfitters with a similar pattern, but I liked mine because it was unique and softer.

Sandals: In or Out?

It seemed like a few years ago all I wanted to wear was sandals. I literally had over ten pairs of sandals, and I would wear them with everything and anything. I had lace up sandals, platform sandals, slip on sandals, and multiple of each kind at that. However recently, it seems no one is rocking the sandals anymore and it is not as big of a look.

Many people prefer closed toe shoes to sandals as it seems they do not like to show off their feet or do simply not like the way that they look. However, trendier styles of sandals, such as doc marten sandals have become a lot more popular and in so sandals are still very much apart of the fashion world.

However, it truly depends what you, the reader, think of them. Are they in or out? You decide.

Outfit Review: Themed Social

As a college student, I am currently involved in greek life. One of the obligations for greek life is going to socials with other fraternities and getting to know different people on greek row. One social we had was “Flashback” themed. Since my style usually revolves around this I decided I would bring out some of my favorite pieces.

I wore simple loose blue Levi jeans which you can’t see in this picture. Recreating this look with any blue jeans will do the trick. I wore a Brandy Melville turtleneck I bought a few months ago, paired with a blue Adidas bucket hat from Urban, and some gold jewelry that I found at forever 21. These are all items that are very trendy and also fit the theme because they were also popular a few decades ago as well.

Platform Shoes: Is It a look?

A new trend that has recently taken over the fashion industry is platform shoes. It started a few years ago when platform level pumas became popular. I remember wanting to purchase them, but personally since I am very tall, it was not a good option for me.

A few years later, a new trend came out and that was doc Martens. As discussed in an earlier post, I had to buy some. This doc Marten trend continued into platform doc Martens which are very popular as well. This has even continued on to converse, where platform converse are now very popular. Many people say it adds on to their look, and that platform looks better on them, but others feel like it might not be as cute and look too bulky. Once again it all really depends on the type of style you are trying to pull off.

Outfit Review: Sweaters

Something I have really started to get into recently is sweaters. I found this sweater at a thrift store in San Jose called Black and Brown. I thought this sweater was really fun and had a unique pattern to it and so I picked it out.

However, I found out when I washed it that the red ran on the sweater and made it pink. This was after handwashing it. Some sweaters are made with a really sensitive material that make it very hard to wash them. I was not expecting this to happen when hand washing it, and my friend suggested that in the future it would help if I washed it twice in a row, to help get the fabric used to being washed.

It is up to you if you want to get started on the sweater trend, I personally find it very cute, but it can easily become a hassle if you wash it incorrectly.

Store Review: Urban Outfitters

Store: Urban Outfitters

Score: 4/5


Today I will be giving you a store review for one of my favorite stores. Overall Urban Outfitters has been one of my staple places to shop. It is one of the most popular stores for kids in my age range and it has a lot of stylish items. Urban tends to be on the slightly more pricy side so a lot of people are opposed to buying a lot of items. However, a lot of their pieces are of high quality and last a long time, so it may be worth the investment. In addition, a lot of their pieces stay in style for a long time and are not considered fast fashion.

In addition, the sales section is really good and there can be a lot of good deals found if you look hard enough. In addition, some stuff from the main area ends up the sales section just a few weeks later so it is possible that the item you are looking for is marked down. It is overall a quality store and worth looking into and investing time into.