For youtube, there are two main people I use for fashion inspiration and I highly suggest you check them out 🙂

  1. Emma Chamberlain

Although some people may find this young YouTube annoying, she fits into my clothing style and her personality adds onto her clothing. I think she has a really unique style and while she has switched to buying more expensive items, she does still thrift a lot of things and make them look cute. This is why she is one of my personal inspirations.

2. Enya Umanzoor

Image result for enjajaja

Enya is one of my biggest inspirations because she has such a unique style and she doesn’t wear overly expensive clothes. I love her look overall and she is the one who inspired me to try out the baby chain. She dyes her hair lots of colors and is popular on youtube as well. I really respect her style and she is one of my favorites.

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