Store Review:

Store: Forever 21

Rating: 2/5

Forever 21 was my favorite store in 2016. They had every fashion trend that I needed as a high school student, for a much more affordable price than urban. However, as I have continued shopping with them, their items have appeared to go down in value and in quality.

For example, they recently put out a Cheetos collection that was not very cute. One might say it is…. well actually hideous. As time as gone on the store has put out more fast fashion items to stay in with the trends rather than keeping to its own unique brand. In addition, the store often rips off artists who have small businesses, by taking its designs and making it their own. This has upset a lot of people because they feel like forever 21 is taking their hard work without giving them credit, and there’s nothing they can do because forever 21 is such a big company.

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