Store: Brandy Melville

Rating: 4/5

In my opinion Brandy has always been a hit or miss to me. A lot of their items look pretty much identical and they have a lot of stuff that is cheaply made. I think my personal biggest problem with them is that they have mostly items that are one size fits all. I think this goes against the body positivity message that is more prominent in our society today. I feel like a lot of people give brandy hate for this reason and personally I understand why. It can be frustrating to not fit into their clothing options.

However, a lot of girls use Brandy to stay up with trends and figure out how to tie in their outfits with a simple crop top. As much as I am not a brandy fan, at the same time it has come in handy some times when I am planning an outfit. I guess it all depends on what your fashion taste is.

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