Over thanksgiving break I was able to visit home and hangout with some friends. During this time I got the chance to go to the beach and spend some time watching the sunset. It my hometown, it doesn’t often get super cold, but it can get chilly once the sun goes down. For this I wanted to dress kind of warm, but definitely still ready for it to possibly have a little bit of sunlight shine through.

For this outfit, I took my platform white docs that I recently ordered online. These are definitely a little bit more pricey, but they are worth it because I wear them all the time. In addition I paired this with black Levi jeans that I thrifted in Sacramento. Thrifting these was a really good deal and I advise everyone to try and thrift their jeans. I paired these two items with two shirts I bought at Urban on Black Friday this year. Its a simple long sleeve striped shirt paired with an oversized Queen shirt. Although Urban can occasionally be expensive, it is worth it because they have a lot of items that can last a long time and stay in style, rather than stores like Brandy Melville which have a lot of fast fashion items.

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