When in San Francisco, you may find that your regular outfits just aren’t cutting it anymore the way they used to. San Francisco is known for being extremely trendy, and it is also extremely windy. Being born and raised in SoCal, I get cold pretty easily. Here are some things that I wear when I go to San Francisco to stay fashionable and warm:

  1. The first is one of my favorite outfits. In early April, I visited the Sf MOMA with my boyfriend. It was a rainy day so I also wore a warm sweatshirt, but I took it off for pictures in the museum. For starters I wore American Eagle jeans, paired with a Brandy Melville chain. I found these jeans in the sale section, and they were a pretty easy find. I matched these with my black doc Martens. I also wore a blue and white striped long sleeve which is a trendy piece from Brandy Melville that I borrowed from a friend. Finally, I wore the “What is Love” t shirt from Teddy Fresh, a brand created by some you tubers that I like to watch. I thought this outfit was trendy and very on brand, and matched the SF vibe.
  2. The second one was created for another trip later on in April. I did some sightseeing with my friend, and we stopped to take some photos in front of the bridge. It was insanely windy. I wore my black docs, as well as some black carpenter pants curtesy of the Urban Outfitters sale section. The sale section is for sure the best place to look for all your needs in Urban, they have some really amazing deals. I matched this with a thrifted shirt and jacket. The jacket was my moms from the 90s, but you can find any one similar to it at your local goodwill, and the shirt is a find that I got from a friend off depop. Again, short t shirts are very in and you could definitely find ones similar to it if you look on depop. Pretty well priced too.
  3. My final outfit is one of my all time favorite outfits. I wore it to a day in sf with friends. I wore my classic light blue Adidas bucket hat, which I believe I mentioned earlier was a find in Urban. I matched this with a blue cropped top from Brandy Melville, which is most likely still sold in store. I found a big jean jacket a while ago at Goodwill and I added that as well as my white Dickies pants and thrifted golf le fleur shoes. Dickies are definitely a staple item in any wardrobe because they are simple and still fit the big pants trend. They are also very warm and keep you protected from the San Francisco winds.

Outfit #1

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