Picture this: Its the middle of summer, its super insanely hot outside and you know that you are going to sweat through anything you wear. What do you put on?

For me, I chose something easy and accessible that I know I wouldn’t be sweating too much in despite the heat.

I selected a simple tan tank top purchased from the Urban Outfitters sale section. A tube top is the best way to keep your armpits sweat free on a hot day. It is a solid colored piece so it goes with pretty much anything you pair it with. I paired it with a pair of black pac sun pants as well as my classic black docs. In the photo I provided you can see that I recently re laced my docs, and added some brown and black laces as an alternative to just the regular black. This is another upside to wearing docs of course.

I added a simple headband to keep my hair out of my face. If it hadn’t been a picture taking kind of day, I may have resorted to a more low pony tail look. This outfit was easy and I didn’t feel too hot in it. A downside would be that of course the tank top is tan, so some may think that its see through. However, you can always choose a different color.

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