For this outfit it was a little cold, I went out to dinner for a friends birthday. The first piece of this outfit is the new, white polka dotted blouse that I bought at H&M. Honestly, H&M really has a lot of underrated simple pieces that can be bought for really cheap and look good with a lot of different things. I was honestly surprised to see a shirt style like this in H&M, but it fits into my fashion perfectly and I appreciate it.

I added my red carpenter pants that I have had from Urban for a little over a year now. These pants were a little bit on the pricier side, but they have stayed in good condition and have done me well since I bought them. They look good with a lot of things, and can work as a highlight piece or as a simple piece as well. For this outfit they were a little bit more of the highlight piece, and I of course paired them with my black belt. I wore this outfit with homemade jewelry and black doc Martens.


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