Many people have had different views on whether or not Doc Martens are shoes that are worth investing in. Those who are in the older generation argue that they look a little bit too much like workwear boots. My friends mom refers to them as her Frankenstein boots, while I have heard others comment on how they look like they are meant for gardening.

However, Doc Martens, or “Docs” for short, seem to be popping in the fashion world at the moment. I have found them to be quite trendy myself and am currently on my way to purchasing my 5th pair. I find that they go with a lot of things and work well with many of the things that I like to wear.

Are they worth the price? That is for you to decide. Some argue that they are far too overpriced, while others think that they are worth it considering the quality and how long they tend to last. I will let you, the reader be the judge of this. I enjoy my docs and wear them quite often. I feel that they were worth my money. My other few pairs that I have found with time have all been thrifted, but I did buy nice black leather ones. As I have mentioned before, soft leather is much nicer on your feet and does not leave behind blisters.

So….. do you think docs are worth it?

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