Ever since I was young I have always been amazed by my mom’s ability to dress up. When I was younger I would watch her put on clothes when she was ready to go out, while looking through her jewelry box and trying on her rings.

As I entered my teen years, my interests in expressing myself through clothing grew. From kindergarten until eighth grade, I attended private school, so once I entered public high school I realized that I was finally able to express myself in a way that I never had before, through clothing. I felt that I could show people who I was through the way I dressed, and maybe they would want to get to know me better because of it too.

Something that helped me flow my ideas of how I wanted to dress and really inspire me was the use of Pinterest. In case you are unfamiliar, Pinterest allows you to put together photos that you enjoy from the internet into an album. By creating a Pinterest album of my own, I put together photos of clothing that I liked or outfits that I wanted to make.

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